Series on Creation Starts May 29

I'm excited about this new series.  But let me be clear from the outset where I'm coming from.   

1. This subject of creation requires humility.  I’ve studied the theories of scientists, theologians, and philosophers since Aristotle, and many of these theories have now been proven wrong.  My thinking could also be wrong.

 2.   I agree with Einstein’s dictum, “Faith without science is blind, and science without faith is lame.”  Science and faith need each other, and there is no inherent conflict between science and scripture when they are interpreted correctly. 

 3. Today we view Genesis 1-2 in the context of a perceived conflict between faith and science.  Its original context, though, was a clash between Israel’s monotheistic faith and the pagan religions surrounding it.  Genesis 1-2 is therefore not intended to answer scientific questions; it is intended to reveal the majesty of the true God in the face of the competing religions.

4. I believe God used both natural processes and supernatural intervention to create the universe.  Both are wondrous!  My aim in this series is to enable us to stand in awe before the Lord who alone can create life from nothing at all.