9:15AM - Room 201 - January 8th thru February 26th

The Kingdom of God

Author - Greg Jao

Beginning on Sunday, January 8th the Parkminster Adult Sunday School class will begin an 8 week Bible study about the Kingdom of God.  Here are some thoughts from the author, Greg Jao that will arouse your interest in this important topic:

"It's a simple quiz that both Christians and non-Christians frequently fail: What did Jesus most often teach about?  Whether I ask the question in smoky campus coffee shops, in well-appointed offices or in brightly painted Sunday school rooms, I hear similar responses: Love.  Forgiveness.  Repentance.  How to have a relationship with God.  Holiness.  Freedom.  I rarely, if ever hear the correct answer - the kingdom of God."

Jesus speaks often of "the kingdom of God."  What is it?  Where is it?  When is it?  Why is it so important?

Understanding and participating in God's kingdom on earth is central to our Christian life.  It will transform our picture of who God is and what Christianity is all about.

Dome and discover with us what Jesus taught about Gods Kingdom.  I hope you will join the discussion.