How Does a Mentorship Work?

  • Any member may request a mentor.
  • We match men with men and women with women.
  • The first meeting is to get acquainted, including sharing about your faith journey and that of your mentor.
  • Mentorships usually last a pre-determined period of time.*

*Our new members, for example, are asked to begin a mentorship that lasts one year.

What Do We Do During a Meeting?

Typically a meeting with your mentor may include:

  • A quick review of what's been happening recently in your walk with Christ
  • A short Bible stud
  • Discussion and application of the scripture passage
  • Prayer 

IMPORTANT: Your mentor meeting is a discussion, not a lecture. You will be involved in setting the agenda for each discussion.

Who Can Be a Mentor?

You may be approached to be a mentor if you are:

  • A mature believer rich in faith and interpersonal grace 
  • A church members trained by the Pastor and other mentors
  • Easy to talk to and able to give credible examples 
  • Available to meet regularly for ongoing training
  • Committed to confidentiality 


Contact David Jackson if interested

Call the church office at 247-2424.