Islam, Secularism & Christianity's Response

Have you watched the video of the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians by Muslims in Libya? Ghastly as it is, I was struck by how composed the martyrs were. As the blades came to their necks they all cried in unison “Ya Rabbi Yasou’” (O My Lord Jesus). Their marvelous faith brings fame and honor to the Lord.

But get this: President Obama, in condemning the beheadings, referred to the victims not as “Christians” but as “citizens” of Egypt. This is an outrage. They were targeted because they are Christians. Christians are being targeted throughout the Muslim world for slaughter and the President chooses to sanitize this fact.

The President also failed to mention that the perpetrators were Muslim. Likewise, after the murder of four Jews in a Paris deli several weeks ago, the President did not mention the religions of the victims or attackers. What on earth is going on here?  Probably the President doesn't want to antagonize moderate Muslim allies.  Yet if these "moderates" are antagonized by shedding innocent blood, they're not allies at all.

More deeply, the President seems captive to a philosphy of "political correctness".  Originally a healthy reaction to America's bigotted past, this philosphy has since run amok.  Somehow Christians have now become intolerant opressors, and Islam -- the President repeatedly holds -- is a religion of peace.  Rather than examine the violence clearly seen in Islam's scriptures and history, Mr. Obama relies upon a specious philosophy to guide his policies.

This foolish philosophy generates two consequences for Christians. First, our vital contributions to society and sanity will continue to be ignored and written out of the history books. Friends, was it ever thus. Jesus teaches in John 15:18 If the world hates you, remember it hated me first. We should not expect to be validated by the world.

The second consequence is that we Christians must stop cowering about our faith. Islam will win if we continue to.  Secularism is no help; it’s too bland to stop Islam. Only biblical Christianity, the light of the world, can prevail against the darkness, and not through worldly weapons but through bold witness to Jesus Christ.  No, Christians; it is it’s up to us to win the world. It always has been.


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