Faith Stories in 100 Words or Less: Paul

Jesus reaches each believer in a personal and unique way.  Every believer has an exciting story to share.  But not every believer realizes that!

The following is one result of our workshop on "Why Your Story Matters."

My 100 Word Testimony - by Paul Craig

I became a Christian when I was 8.  I was also curious about science.  Throughout my life, I have found two great challenges: reconciling my Christian faith with my scientific understanding and making daily choices to follow Jesus.  The reconciliation is actually less challenging - for me it's a matter of studying the things that I love (science and the Bible) and seeing how they fit together.  The greater challenge has been that I am "prone to wander" from my faith as one hymn states, but I have found that Jesus pursues me when I stray and brings me back.


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