The Tithing Thud

I love giving money. I really do. When I do a spiritual gifts inventory, giving usually comes out as my strongest gift--even over teaching and shepherding. But even I got a little snarly when I was calculating my tithe for next year.

My wife upped her hours for next year to help pay college tuition, and naturally we plan to tithe on that income. So as I sat down to calculate our tithe I started adding the numbers: my salary, benefits I receive such as medical and use of the manse, etc. So far it was all pretty much in line with last year. Then I added Nancy’s new salary figure. Suddenly…. THUD. “What???” I said out loud. “I can’t believe how much more we’ll have to tithe!”  I’d already mentally spent that money on tuition and new underwear. And maybe a shiny new woodworking tool….

You may have noticed something rather unflattering--how I managed to find a way to feel resentful about my wife’s increased income. The tithing THUD, I observe, seems to derive from a heart snared in ingratitude and anxiety.  

Psalm 62:10 says "If riches increase, set not your heart on them."

Good plan. I’ll have to work on that.

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