What Grows A Church?

I can state it in one word: passion. 

          When Peter healed a cripple in the temple and was cornered by reactionary religious leaders, they asked him “By what power or name did you do this?”  Knowing the danger  Peter nonetheless answered with fiery passion that Jesus is that power.  And Peter didn’t stop there but asserted even more boldly: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved!”

          That’s passion.  It comes from tasting the fantastic, glorious life Jesus makes possible.  And it intensifies with the dread realization that the only alternative is depression, despair, and destroyed lives. 

          Faith is life-or-death.  Unbelievers don’t see it that way, of course.  They don’t see the slow death they are drifting toward because it’s ornamented with achievements and good times and beautiful children and lies, lies, lies.  But when they fail or get addicted or divorced or simply bored to death – they might gather the courage to admit something’s wrong and they might give Jesus a chance.

          At that moment they might remember a believer’s testimony or a preacher’s fire or a church that seems to have something special.  They just might.  But they won’t remember timid believers, preachers, and churches.  They’re not passionate enough. 

Ask yourself: am I passionate about Jesus’ power to save?  It could look like this:

  • ·         You spend Saturday mornings knocking on doors to invite people to our ministry
  • ·         You run a neighborhood children’s event to get to know families and later invite parents to          a bible study in your home
  • ·         You minister with the needy in Managua or the 14613 neighborhood
  • ·         You break loose in worship and shout his praise or weep with joy or kneel in reverence· 
  •           You pray often for lost people and ministries that reach them
  • ·         You build connections with people you think might be willing to hear your faith story

Passion isn’t always loud.  But you can still feel a quiet person’s passion.  They carry a message that says: “I’m alive because of Jesus.  And I’m doing what I’m doing so others can come alive too”.




Parkminster Church

We are a community of Christ-followers being restored by the deep love of Jesus.

We connect broken people to Jesus; equip families to thrive; and alleviate suffering.

Through God's transforming grace, we commit to creating a culture shaped by God's love, justice, and generosity, where Jesus Christ is served and honored.